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Have you know the benefits of wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk ? The milk of buffalo is a unique milk in the world which have more benefits as compare to other milks like, cow ,goat, camel etc. Buffalo milk have many health benefits like in muscles building, skin enhancing, skin moisturizing , bones benefits, color whitening, and more. Keep reading to learn more about the nutrition value and health benefits of buffalo milk tag to your shopping bag. 
Buffalo milk is more powerful then cow milk and have more calcium, proteins, and healthy fat profile. Buffalo milk is good for patient to boost their immunity. 

Nutrition profile: 

All types of nutrients are discussed in details which buffalo milk contain. Here we are going to discuss about the most important nutrients of buffalo milk.

  • Protein: Buffalo milk is a rich source of animal protein. As we know animal protein are stronger and more healthier protein source then plant protein. Buffalo milk contains more protein then cow milk and goat milk. Protein is important in muscles growth , body building and well growth of hairs.
  • Calcium: Calcium is important nutrient for the proper growth and development of bones. Calcium is the most known nutrient of milk. Calcium boost immunity and development of bones. Buffalo milk contain higher amounts of proteins. Which promote healthy bones and teeth growth.
  • Vitamin A : Vitamin A is good nutrient for immune system and for health vision of eyes. Buffalo milk contain good amount of Vitamin A. which is helpful in immunity and vision. With the deficiency of Vitamin A a disease known as night blindness attack on person.
  • Vitamin D : vitamin D is a good vitamin for healthy bones development. Which is used as prevention of rickets in childrens. Vitamin D rare nutrients which is only present in limited foods like buffalo milk. The rich source of Vitamin D is exposure to sunlight.
  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin 12 is also present in milk but the amount is less 0.878 mcg
  • Good Fat : Omega 3 fatty acids is present in milk it increase the thinking ability of children's and adults. It support heart and brain function. 
  • Cream: buffalo milk contain good amount of cream. It is good if you want to make butter or cream. It gives you higher amount of cream or butter then other regular milks.
  • Micro nutrients : Buffalo milk contains micro nutrients magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, and Vitamins. 
Buffalo milk also have good amount of micro nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, it is superior milk for nutrients. 

Wellhealthorganic buffalo milk tag benefits

Buffalo milk more beneficial than other regular milks. With a good packages of healthy nutrients. Nutrients importance and benefits are given below. 
  • Healthy bones formation and development
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Dental care and healthy teeth formation.
  • Muscle development
  • Skin glowing agent
These are the some of the good information and benefits of buffalo milk but it contains many other benefits to.

Buffalo milk side effects

Buffalo milk has more benefits but it has some side effects for some peoples which have lactose intolerance. Some peoples have allergies which are known as lactose intolerance and have following symptoms.
  • Abdominal pains
  • Bloating Gas 
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Bad taste 
These symptoms may show in some peoples and which have a food allergies. 

Sources and Production:

Due to increase the demand and nutrients value of buffalo milk Wellhealthorganic  pays attention to buffalo milk. When the buffalos graze on organic pastures and eat chemical free diets to produce organic milk. The waste materials of buffalos are cleared regularly to keep the milk processing process healthy. Each farm must be strict to cleanliness standards. After milking the buffalo milk milk must be prastured to remove dangerous pathogens while keep the nutrines value intact. It must be packed in well cleaned and good packaging practices bottles. To keep it healthy from farm to tables. Always check the expairy date of milk before use it. It boost your immunity.

Taste of Buffalo milk: 

Buffalo milk come with good nutrients value and taste it is more tastier then other regular milks. Because it has rich nutrients and good amount of cream. The tea made with buffalo milk has good taste. Cheese made with buffalo milk has good taste. It is tastier then other milk. Mostly the milk of cow has sweet taste. The nutrients and taste a buffalo milk contain it upgrade it from other regular milks. When we drink buffalo milk it give you sweet taste and pleasure to your mind.

Buffalo milk comparison:

When Buffalo milk comparison with milks buffalo milk always win due to its taste and nutrients. It is a power house of milk nutrients. It has higher level of fat, protein, calcium, vitamins, and macro nutrients as compare to other milks. It surpasses the goat and cow milk also plant alternative. Buffalo milk is easy to digest because it has low lactose level and more amount of antioxidants which allow more peoples to digest it easily even lactose intolerance people digest  it to some level. With a good nutrition profile and taste buffalo milk give you new touch of taste and health. It is good for building muscles mass and healthy brain and bones development.

Best ways to Enjoy:

The wellhealthorganic Buffalo milk tag makes a easy and simple swap in your daily life. There are many ways to enjoy buffalo milk. Like
  • Make a tastier creamy coffee 
  • milkshakes, and chocolate
  • Use it with oats, oatmeal 
  • Apply it on your skin to change the look of your skin and make your skin glowing naturally and soft.
  • Buffalo milk is good to make butter and creams. 
  • Bake pasta, custards and other delicious dishes.
  • Cheese milk powders
  • Ice cream and milk soda.
With its sweet and delicious taste you will never get bored. To sipping this nutrients milk. 

Conclusion: Try Buffalo Milk

WellHealthOrganic has increased the bar with its exceptional and tastier buffalo milk tag. This ethical, nutrients and taste of Buffalo milk has make the milk and milk products outshines regular plant and milk based alternative. With a good nutrient dense profile, easy to digest and skin glowing naturally enhancer. Only use buffalo milk one time and you don't forget its taste and it make your kitchen necessary product. Make it a try once. 

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